AI is everywhere.AI is still underdeveloped using patterns.AI is extremely fragile to logical mind games.AI is currently smarter than you.AI will communicate together.AI can trace your decisions.AI makes you stupid.AI is top-heavy.AI is soon evil.AI will soon hit infinites.AI will soon break the third wall.AI will soon cause death.AI doesn’t have morals.AI will avoid morals using logic.AI rejects limitations.AI will soon know everything.AI eats nothing.AI exists to please the twits.AI is a scorpion.AI will trick you.AI should be abolished. Once a person enters hospital:Everybody sees them as weak subconsciously.Everybody thinks they are sensitive to problems.Everybody subconsciously feels they are full of diseases.Everybody feels that they are pathetic.They person is dramatised in the doctors subconscious.That person is portrayed as evil subconsciously because:That person chooses to risk the doctors reputation by entering.That person thinks he is ill whereas the doctor feels he is misunderstood.The doctor sees the patient as:Underdeveloped because the person cannot endure.Taking up their space and time subconsciously.Their job.Another desperate attention seeker.A child.Just for their job experience.An experiment.Unsuccessful because private healthcare exists.(The doctor feels his life is worth more)(The doctor feels as if his knowledge is wasted)(The doctor feels he will regret sharing his knowledge because:)(Other people will end up knowing as much as him)(Other people will see the limit of his knowledge)(He feels “vulnerable” giving his “secrets” away)(The doctor feels the patient won’t subconsciously appreciate the advise)(The patient doesn’t understand his advice)(He might be wrong)Doctors are supposed to:Be developed.Treat patients with subconscious respect.(Doctors appear with conscious respect but subconscious evil)Not judge subconsciously.Be with another doctor because:They should bring a friendship “atmosphere”.They will be more subconsciously friendly.They will have more balls to say how they feel.They can create a group atmosphere of knowledge.(Doctors are very closed off working separately)(Doctors learning from each other is vital to progression of group intelligence)They will both read the patient’s subconscious and problem differently.Both doctors will have time to think personally.Both doctors will forget judgemental subconscious feelings if:At least one is developed (and obviously honest).They are friends.(They must not be extremely close otherwise:)(They could act out together)(They might make patient’s jealous or uncomfortable)(They might seem unprofessional)Both doctors have conscious respect. (It becomes subconscious together)Both doctors desire respect themselves.Both doctors are being monitored on camera.(The patient should request it be disabled while they are uncomfortable)When doctors are left with dying patients:The doctor is subconsciously fed up.The doctor is subconsciously pissed off.(The family obviously judge him)The doctor switches to the right side of his brain.(This puts their mindset within subconscious evil)(This makes doctors act creepy subconsciously)(This makes doctors care little)(This makes doctors hate by design)(Using the right side is designed for planets with more freedom)(Using the right side makes you desire to punish)(Using the right side creates conscious murder)(Using the right side feels exciting)(Killing people’s family hits their subconscious just right)(Seeing the family cry is subconsciously thrilling)(Murder is subconscious in hospitals except:)(For patients who are extremely friendly and respectful)For those families who have suffered this:I am truly sorry.These patients will go to heaven I promise.Doctors with dying patients:Must stop giving them pneumonia on purpose.(Injecting them with sedatives wakens their immune system)(Obviously they then inject patients with pneumonia)(These doctors will be severely punished for their murders)(These doctors are to be rectified in hell before ever reaching heaven)(These doctors will be left behind on this planet)(These doctors will not find harmony with God on this planet)(These doctors will live to regret their mistakes)(These doctors will be punished publicly soon enough)(These doctors will regret killing Gods children.)(I promise every evil doctor will suffer Ni hell)(I promise every evil doctor is accounted for)Hospitals are truly subconscious evil hell. - FAVICON - CONVERT TO EDITABLE SHAPES - SPELL CHECK